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Level 1A

Learning outcomes:
By the end of this 1A course, learners will:

  • Exchange greetings and make introductions
  • Understand simple class instructions
  • Learn about the role of facial expression in NZSL
  • Learn to get, and give, eyegaze before signing (requirements for visual attention)
  • Learn numbers 1‐10
  • Learn the fingerspelling alphabet
  • Spell their own name
  • Ask for repetition
  • Identify people in the class
  • Name language(s) they are learning
  • Give and follow simple instructions and action commands
  • Ask for clarification, correction and confirmation
  • Ask and tell where something is in the class
  • Use appropriate phrases for arriving and leaving class
  • Use numbers for counting (0‐20) and simple time phrases in relation to class activities
  • Name common food and drink items
  • Make and respond to requests and offers for basic wants and needs
  • Ask and tell locations of familiar objects and locations in the immediate environment
  • Express likes and dislikes

*Handouts and homework included.

Level 1B

Learning outcomes:
By the end of this 1B course, learners will:

  • Tell about immediate family/whanau and relationships
  • Give and ask more personal information about self and others
  • Use numbers for counting, age, ranking
  • Communicate about simple home and leisure daily routines and activities
  • Express feelings about activities
  • Use calendar and clock time phrases

*Handouts and homework included.

Level 1C

Learning outcomes:
By the end of this 1C course, learners will:
Start and close conversations with known and unknown people 

  • Give compliments and congratulations
  • Ask and tell about general wellbeing, health and everyday life, weather
  • Communicate about essential services and locations in the community
  • Describe occupations, tasks and transport in relation to work and community activities
  • Negotiate appointments and bookings
  • Discuss prices on use of services and purchases, and ways of payment

*Handouts and homework included.